July 2016

Once I needed to switch from the S Bahn to change to the U6 at Friedrichstrasse, I was tuned out for a moment. I actually was on my way going back home. But suddenly I stepped one foot back and saw Max playing on his guitar (or from another Musician's guitar who was watching joyfully at his performance). It was back in Spring 2016. I only noticed his frozen hands while he sang in the street. I offered him my gloves and in a friendly manner I asked Max: "Do you need my hand shoes?". My sentence wasn't correct at all. German and English confuses me sometimes. Immediately Max noticed that we both speak German and figured out that we originally come from the same area. He lives close to Kaiserslautern and I am from a small town near Trier. It was such a coincidence on that day. At that time he told me his plan about going to Brighton and just doing his own thing, playing music.

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