The most fascinating thing about photography: to catch that certain magnificent moment on camera and to produce emotions through pictures. When I was at the age of sixteen I started to get more interested in photography. I admired other people's work and felt inspired to create something special. Since then I wanted to learn more. It is not only about 'taking pictures' but it has become a part of my life and this passion probably will never stop as long as I live. 
The awareness of life and variety of different cultures and people have a major influence on my work. 

Born in 1993.

Geraldine Hutt


October 2017 | Exhibition Lichtraum, Berlin
January 2016 | Modedesign, Trier

February 2015 | Col·lec, Barcelona 
November 2014 | Exhibition Unik├Ârper Kalender, Trier
October 2013 | Modedesign, Trier
April 2013 | Zeitung Trierischer Volksfreund, Trier

info | feel free to contact me via e-mail:  geraldinehutt@gmail.com