Berlin, February 2017

Seeing as I sometimes feature people on my blog, music is part of said featuring as well.
Last month I met Ben and took some portraits. He is an English Singer-songwriter, recently living in Berlin. His music contains blues, soul and indie. He will soon release a new single, recorded at the UFO Sounds Studios. I think this short interview with him will give you a clear introduction.

Hey Ben, where are you from?  

I am from Colchester, a town about 1 hours drive East of London. Famous from the Romans and Blur... and that's it! Haha.

When did you start making music? 

I started with music after asking for a guitar for my 13th birthday. I had no idea how to play the thing and gradually taught myself how to play. I didn't start singing seriously until years later
I got to Berlin quite spontaneously. After visiting and falling in love with the city in 2009, I spontaneously moved for what should have been a 6 month trip before going back to the UK, but I found it very hard to leave and here we are over 6 years later.

What does music mean to you? 

What music means to me is a hard question to answer. As a listener, it means everything. The joy of unlocking the lyrics of a new song from your favourite artist, trying to work out what they are trying to tell you is something I love to do. It's an overused phrase, but without music, life would be nowhere near as interesting. It is something natural for people to create, and I think music is one of the most beautiful ways people can do this. As a musician, music obviously means my life, what I have chosen to dedicate my time to and for that reason alone I am very passionate about it.


September 2016

We both live in the district of Wedding and sometimes a few places can be very charming. Among the chaos of this city there are quite corners that radiate beauty and authenticity. I wanted to take a picture of her, because she became a close friend of mine since I'm living in Berlin. She is a passionated photographer who loves turquoise and gems. This is what life makes valuable: It's about the people you meet in life.


August 2016

Why Budapest? After last year's trip to Italy I felt like I needed a break from traveling somewhere. I could have gone to all kinds of cities in Europe, but there was no huge sensation of inspiration in me. When I travel, I want to be there for a good reason. I think I was too busy with my everyday life and tried to slowly adjust in Berlin, where I'm living and studying now. I needed time to settle down and figure out my role in this city.

In the middle of August I had already done a short visit to Paris. I wasn't alone at this time. My good friend Weronika accompanied me. It's always a gift to have someone next to you whom you can trust and rely on. However, Budapest turned out to be a destination due to George Ezra's song and additionally I had once bought a small book about Budapest from the flea market. It contains many beautiful black and white analog pictures from the year 1961. So I had the idea to compare them once I would finally be in Budapest. It's only a simple thing , but to me it was an attractive idea and I had a strong desire to go there. Two days before my flight took off, I booked my ticket and accommodation. I tend to make spontaneous decisions when I'm focused on something. It's exciting if your thoughts become reality. Traveling sets me free and I love being on my own.

When I arrived in Budapest, summer temperatures welcomed me as well as people who helped me  find the right way. The first days there was a lot of walking through the sides of Buda and Pest. I liked the old trams, the enormous buildings and the deep historical background. Especially the jewish memorial was impressive. I met some locals and had a talk about their situation in the city. On my travels I'm far more interested in the stories of people and how they became who they are now. I kept my memories in my book and felt a sense of gratitude to have the opportunity to get these experiences. As always I came back with a few favorite photographs.


July 2016

Once I needed to switch from the S Bahn to change to the U6 at Friedrichstrasse, I was tuned out for a moment. I actually was on my way going back home. But suddenly I stepped one foot back and saw Max playing on his guitar (or from another Musician's guitar who was watching joyfully at his performance). It was back in Spring 2016. I only noticed his frozen hands while he sang in the street. I offered him my gloves and in a friendly manner I asked Max: "Do you need my hand shoes?". My sentence wasn't correct at all. German and English confuses me sometimes. Immediately Max noticed that we both speak German and figured out that we originally come from the same area. He lives close to Kaiserslautern and I am from a small town near Trier. It was such a coincidence on that day. At that time he told me his plan about going to Brighton and just doing his own thing, playing music.