August 2016

Why Budapest? After last year's trip to Italy I felt like I needed a break from traveling somewhere. I could have gone to all kinds of cities in Europe, but there was no huge sensation of inspiration in me. When I travel, I want to be there for a good reason. I think I was too busy with my everyday life and tried to slowly adjust in Berlin, where I'm living and studying now. I needed time to settle down and figure out my role in this city.

In the middle of August I had already done a short visit to Paris. I wasn't alone at this time. My good friend Weronika accompanied me. It's always a gift to have someone next to you whom you can trust and rely on. However, Budapest turned out to be a destination due to George Ezra's song and additionally I had once bought a small book about Budapest from the flea market. It contains many beautiful black and white analog pictures from the year 1961. So I had the idea to compare them once I would finally be in Budapest. It's only a simple thing , but to me it was an attractive idea and I had a strong desire to go there. Two days before my flight took off, I booked my ticket and accommodation. I tend to make spontaneous decisions when I'm focused on something. It's exciting if your thoughts become reality. Traveling sets me free and I love being on my own.

When I arrived in Budapest, summer temperatures welcomed me as well as people who helped me  find the right way. The first days there was a lot of walking through the sides of Buda and Pest. I liked the old trams, the enormous buildings and the deep historical background. Especially the jewish memorial was impressive. I met some locals and had a talk about their situation in the city. On my travels I'm far more interested in the stories of people and how they became who they are now. I kept my memories in my book and felt a sense of gratitude to have the opportunity to get these experiences. As always I came back with a few favorite photographs.

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