Berlin, February 2017

Seeing as I sometimes feature people on my blog, music is part of said featuring as well.
Last month I met Ben and took some portraits. He is an English Singer-songwriter, recently living in Berlin. His music contains blues, soul and indie. He will soon release a new single, recorded at the UFO Sounds Studios. I think this short interview with him will give you a clear introduction.

Hey Ben, where are you from?  

I am from Colchester, a town about 1 hours drive East of London. Famous from the Romans and Blur... and that's it! Haha.

When did you start making music? 

I started with music after asking for a guitar for my 13th birthday. I had no idea how to play the thing and gradually taught myself how to play. I didn't start singing seriously until years later
I got to Berlin quite spontaneously. After visiting and falling in love with the city in 2009, I spontaneously moved for what should have been a 6 month trip before going back to the UK, but I found it very hard to leave and here we are over 6 years later.

What does music mean to you? 

What music means to me is a hard question to answer. As a listener, it means everything. The joy of unlocking the lyrics of a new song from your favourite artist, trying to work out what they are trying to tell you is something I love to do. It's an overused phrase, but without music, life would be nowhere near as interesting. It is something natural for people to create, and I think music is one of the most beautiful ways people can do this. As a musician, music obviously means my life, what I have chosen to dedicate my time to and for that reason alone I am very passionate about it.

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